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If you are familiar with the game’s rules and are ready to start playing it online, you may want to consider playing Tonk at BetOnline. This is a good 안전놀이터choice for you if you are in this situation. If you are still interested in learning more about the game, continue perusing this document. It will provide you with additional information.

Decks Tonk is a card game with a standard deck of 52 cards. Each card in the deck has a point value corresponding to it, and the player’s goal is to accumulate the most points possible. The face cards and all of the picture cards each have a value of ten points, whereas the kings only have a value of one point each.

The point values

The point values of the remaining cards are determined안전놀이터 by the total of their respective face values. The first score received is worth two points, the second score is worth three points, and so on. The game is considered a draw, and the wagers and stakes are carried over to the next hand if more than one player has a tonk simultaneously.

When participating in the game, you must always maintain these point totals in your head.

Getting Started With a Fresh Experience

Before the game can even begin, the stakes need to be figured out and settled upon if any monetary wagering is involved. It is traditional for each player in the game to contribute an amount of money that has been determined in advance for each hand, and the winner of each hand has the right to remove the amount that has been determined in advance from the pots the other players have accumulated. Numerous cards will likely be played throughout the game.

After that, the participants in the game reshuffle the cards and cut them in half before determining who will act as the teller first. Dealing will begin with the person who receives the highest card in their draw and then proceed around the table in a clockwise direction for each successive hand.

Each player starts each hand with a face-down hand consisting of three, five, seven, or twelve cards, depending on the amount of the wager they placed. The number of cards dealt out during the game is determined by the number of people taking part in the activity.


When a player is dealt cards that give them a total points value of 50, they are obligated to announce this fact as soon as it happens. If they do so, they can avoid losing their position in the game. When this occurs, it is known as a tonk, and it immediately determines who the victor of the hand will be. When someone wins with a tonk, they receive twice as much money as they would have received if they had won from each participant in the usual way.

The game is considered a draw, and the wagers and stakes are carried over to the next hand if more than one player has a tonk simultaneously.


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