Betting tips and strategies

Everything in this world has a ‘know-how,’ a known way to make it faster, more accurate and better. So here are some strategies and tips often used in Esports 꽁머니 betting.

  • Know the game
  • Investigate players/teams
  • Check the list of available bets
  • Check out past competitions and winners here.
  • Check for new updates for the game in question
  • Read online feedback and comments about your bet
  • Take a look at the odds and payouts for each operator

These are some important tips and advice you can apply to any sport or bet. The table below highlights some of the most successful and commonly used Esports betting strategies online.

the strategy

Used to cash out

Commonly used in sports betting. If you place a bet on a team and they perform well from the start of the 꽁머니 game, you can cash out and make a profit. A stop-loss bailout is also available if you believe your side’s bet will lose.

Bet on total

This is another technique often used to increase winnings. But it does require a bit of luck and a lot of knowledge about the team and the game. You can bet on total kills, towers have taken, deaths, and many other details.

Bigger odds and smaller bets

Complex bets like accumulators allow you to try placing smaller amounts. The chances are slim, but the amount you get is satisfying.

Bet on small tournaments

Betting operators should be well prepared and thoroughly research all teams and odds in big competitions. On the other hand, smaller tournaments don’t get as much attention because their interest is low, respectively.

Do research

This is essential for beginners as well as experienced players. Esports betting combines your skills and knowledge of the game with your knowledge of the world’s best teams in that game. Knowing the little things can help you place your bets better and more successfully.

Esports betting is a relatively new type that has been around for the last ten years and is evolving and changing rapidly. There are many new releases constantly, and interests in available games switch frequently. The same goes for the top teams and the professional players who belong to them. Looking at the best horse racing betting, you’ll see that new players and courses don’t come up as often as in Esports.

Esports betting around the world

Esports is happening worldwide, and interest in video games has skyrocketed during the quarantine period. As interest in Esports grows, so will interest in betting on Esports. With so many attractive offers online, you need to be careful where you place your trust. Our job is to help you, teach you how to pick platforms, and show you the best, so all you can do is trust us.


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