What You Need to Know About ASVAB Test

In the US Armed Forces, the most significant part of a recruiter’s duty is to screen candidates to make sure they measure up to the standards of enlistment. So, the recruiter will send you to do ASVAB test. ASVAB (Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery) exam is used by every branch of the military to define the candidate’s abilities in different fields. ASVAB exam helps assign fresh recruits to professional fields they might well fit for, but the test shouldn’t be considered as an IQ exam. This is an assessment that gauges your capabilities and assists in predicting future academic and career success in the military field. ASVAB exam is also administered to students in high school and post-secondary school Click Here to Visit Website.

Before you are allowed to sit for the exam, you will be asked about your health, level of education, arrest record, drug use, and marital status. It is essential to ensure you answer the questions honestly and openly. The purpose of ASVAB test is to measure the weakness, strengths, and potential for your future success. Additionally, thetest provides you with the occupational details for different civilian and military job opportunities. If you opt to enroll in vocational school, college or join the military, good ASVAB results will guarantee your success.

The ASVAB Score

ASVAB exam scores consist of individual sub-exams. The candidate receives two types of scores: Standard Scores and AFQT (Armed Forces Qualification Test) scores.The AFQT is one of the most vital scores, as it is used to define if you qualify to join certain military forces. There are a number of subtests which are used to calculate the AFQT score:

  • Math Knowledge (MK)
  • Word Knowledge (WK)
  • Paragraph Comprehension (PC)
  • Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)
  • Auto and Shop Information (AS)
  • General Science (GS)
  • Electronics Information (EI)
  • Assembling Objects (AO)
  • Mechanical Comprehension (MC)

The ASVAB scores for various service branches are:

  • Army – 31
  • Marine Corps – 32
  • Navy – 35
  • Coast Guard – 40
  • National Guard – 31
  • Air Force – 36

Additionally, your results on other ASVAB composite tests will define your eligibility fora certain occupation. Having a strong ASVAB score will give you access to more career opportunities and benefits.

Versions of ASVAB

The test is offered in two main versions/formats: the CAT-ASVAB (computer adaptive test) and the MET-site ASVAB. There is also the Student ASVAB exam, however, in this article, we will focus on the first two options.

Note that each of the versions has different limitations and benefits.

1. Computer Adaptive Test (CAT-ASVAB)

As the name suggests, CAT-ASVAB is an adaptive exam as it aims to adapt to the aptitude level of every individual candidate. Candidates can complete the exam at their own pace, however, according to Military.com, CAT-ASVAB has a time limit of about 1,5-2,5hours.Once you complete a sub-test, you are allowed to proceed to the next sub-test without waiting.

While taking each sub-test, the duration and number of questions that are left unanswered are displayed in the right corner. The CAT-ASVAB comprises:

  • General Science (GS): 16 questions to be completed in 8 minutes
  • Arithmetic Reasoning (AR): 16 questions to be completed in 39 minutes
  • Mechanical Comprehension (MC): 16 questions to be completed in 20 minutes
  • Mathematics Knowledge (MK): 16 questions to be completed in 18 minutes
  • Word Knowledge (WK): 16 questions to be completed in 8            minutes
  • Auto Information (AI): 11 questions to be completed in 6 minutes
  • Shop Information (SI): 11 questions to be completed in 5 minutes
  • Paragraph Comprehension (PC): 11 questions to be completed in 22 minutes
  • Electronics Information (EI): 16 questions to be completed in 8 minutes 

2. Paper-And-Pencil Administration (Paper ASVAB)

If you want to enter one of the chosen military services, you can take ASVAB exam at one of the military test sites.This is apen and paper testwith multiple-choice questions and it is different from the CAT-ASVAB version. Every section is strictly timed, and you will not be able to leave the exam room if you finish your test before the other candidates. The test comprises of:

  • Word Knowledge (WK): 35 questions to be completed in 11 minutes
  • Arithmetic Reasoning (AR): 30 questions to be completed in 36 minutes
  • Auto & Shop Information (AS): 25 questions to be completed in 11 minutes
  • General Science (GS): 25 questions to be completed in 11 minutes
  • Mathematics Knowledge (MK): 25 questions to be completed in 24 minutes
  • Mechanical Comprehension (MC): 25 questions to be completed in 19 minutes
  • Electronics Information (EI): 20 questions to be completed in 9 minutes
  • Paragraph Comprehension (PC):15 questions to be completed in 13 minutes

How to Prepare forASVAB?

While the exam analyzes your current knowledge, you need to prepare for it thoroughly. One of the most effective ways to gauge your knowledge is by takingpractice tests. Set a time limit so that you can assess your test-taking abilities. You can download useful practice tests from reputable websites such as PrepAway. Additionally, there are numerous study books and guides available online for free that can help you prepare. If you want to get a specific job in the military, ensure that you prepare well for those parts of the exam that are applicable to that occupation.

Reasons to Take ASVAB Test

Here are some of the reasons to take this test:

  • As we already mentioned, the AVSAB test scores will be used to determine the service you qualify to in the military.They will also determine which profession you can choose. Additionally, your score will impact your eligibility to get bonuses and funds for the training.
  • ASVAB test isan excellent possibility to try and see how intelligent you are and assess your future potential.
  • Your ASVAB exam score will be valid for two years for all the military service branches. Even if you don’t want to join the military while taking the exam, many things can change within two years. For this reason, do your best.

Note that the military won’t charge you for ASVAB test. However, you can enroll in various programs to assist you in preparing for the exam. The charges for preparation courses will vary depending on the type of training you select and the organization offering the services.

Final Word

Passing ASVAB exam may seem like a waste of time if you are not going to join the army. However, ASVAB test is not just a military qualification exam. This exam can also determine the areas you’re good atand help you shape your career path. Good luck!



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