Car Charger History, Finally a Good One

In case you’ve had a bad history with car chargers, then you’ll definitely appreciate a good one. Some have faults that end up blowing up a phone or even destroying the car’s charging system. But with a qi car charger, you’ll always be confident knowing that you have a good one.

Smartphone developers have been increasing features, but haven’t really spiced up the battery capacities. For over three years now, there hasn’t been any increase in the maximum battery capacity to a significant extent. And as mobile apps become even bigger, they continue to take a toll on your battery life.

With many individuals unable to stay an hour without touching their phones, it is imperative that you have sufficient charge. Therefore, having a car charger (and a good one for that matter) is imperative. The qi car charger meets this description, and you’ll learn why. Here are some of the qualities of a decent car charger:

Multi-device Friendly

Some car chargers won’t allow you to charge all your devices. They are choosy when it comes to charging. Wouldn’t it be great if you had one charger that can boost all your devices? We barely don’t have much time in our cars. Therefore, having to wait several minutes just to charge all of your devices is time wastage. And you can’t recover wasted time.

The universal USB technology provides a means to charge several devices using the same car charger. Therefore, getting a charger with multiple USB ports should be the answer to your charging trouble. When you purchase a good car charger, you can easily save time and redirect it elsewhere to the things that matter most.

The only catch is to ensure that you get a variant that has sufficient Amp output like the qi car charger. This will ensure that you can charge all your devices without having to worry about straining the charger. With a worthy Amp output, you’ll always charge multiple devices regardless of their power needs.

Meets Certification and Quality Standards like the Qi Car Charger Does

It is pointless to purchase any electrical device that doesn’t meet quality standards. In fact, if you find any product in the market without the right certification marks, then chances are it’s fake.

The car charger you buy should meet the test of international safety performances. Most consumers who have had a terrible history with car chargers perhaps didn’t check for these certifications.

A good car charger should have a CE, FCC, USB-IF, CCC, and UL certification, among many others. If possible, it should equally have a guarantee from an insurance company. This guarantee covers the following key items:

·       Consumer rights

·       Performance

·       Safety of use

Has a Wireless Provision

We are currently in an era of entanglement-free devices. Wires often lead to unnecessary entanglements, which are rather annoying. Besides, when the wire malfunctions, you’ll probably have to replace the entire device, unless the charger isn’t fixed on it.

Therefore, there are plenty of reasons why a wireless charger like the qi car charger is beneficial.

Has a Competitive Pricing

You don’t want to break the bank all in the name of buying a phone charger. Therefore, it should come at a competitive price. However, do not overshadow quality at the expense of the cheapest options. Some users have had terrible experiences purchasing low-quality chargers just because they saw a low price tag.

On the flip side, an expensive price tag isn’t a guarantee for superb quality. You might be tempted to go for a costly car charger only to find out that it’s fake. A qi car charger comes at a fairly decent price, and still offers value for money.

The Right Amperage

Amperage refers to the amount of electric current a device uses. In this case, it is the amount of power your car charger uses to boost devices. The higher the value of amperage, the more powerful a device is.

A majority of devices require about an amp to charge effectively. However, for an iPhone, this requirement is higher, at about 2.1 amps for superb charging. Buying a car charger that doesn’t meet the charging power of your devices would be a tragedy awaiting. You’ll either lose your phone or get the phone damaged – sometimes both.

If you are looking for a car charger, therefore, you’ll want to focus on about 4.8 amps. This will not only charge you phone, but also other devices you have. Besides, you might have friends or family aboard who want to charge their gadgets as well. A qi car charger offers amperage that’s enough to juice up multiple devices.

Fast Charging

Most people aren’t patient enough to wait for their phones to charge from zero to a hundred. Therefore, buying a quick charging variant can be a great way of saving time. A slow charger drags your schedule and day altogether.

Final Thoughts

Get yourself a gadget like the qi car charger to charge your phone on the go. Avoid any bad history with car chargers by always picking quality. 


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