Galicia’s theme parks for children

Many theme parks cater to children in Galicia. This is because kids’ fun is an integral part of vacation planning. Adults should be cautious about how they approach planning Vacation Rentals in Galicia. They need to make sure they are paying enough attention to children to ensure they have fun and don’t get bored. We recommend the following:

La Aldea de los Grobits Park

The Aldea de Los Grobits isn’t very large, but it was inspired by La Comarca, where Bilbo Bolson lived. You can enjoy the Hobbit-style cabins with their round wooden doors for little ones. It’s also open all day. This innovative theme park can be found on the Island of La Toja in Pontevedra. It is accessible by car from the bridge in O Grove. There is free parking. Although Isla de la Toja can be expensive, you can still visit its tourist attractions without spending the night. You can also visit the Aldea de Los Grobits and the Ermita de las Conchas, a chapel made of seashells.

A Canada Park

Vigo is only 30 kilometers from A Canada Park. The park offers many outdoor activities for children. Parents can spend a whole day exploring the 200,000m2 of land. This includes a river walk and hiking area, a unique bike path, and a mini zoo. Parents can also enjoy the play area where the children can waste their energy while relaxing in the natural surroundings.

Canada Big House

The Casa de Los Peces is located in La Coruna near the Tower of Hercules. It’s an excellent place for children. You will be surrounded in nature by giant octopuses and marine species in the Nautilus Room. You can view the friendly seals close up in its many pools. An exhibit of ancient marine instruments is also available for the visitor. You can reserve your entry to the Aquarium by making a reservation.

Aquarium Finisterrae

Children and adults can enjoy a guided tour of this yogurt-producing farm. The tour includes everything from ordering the cows to the making of the yogurt. The hour-and-a-half tour will take place in the stables, where children can interact with the animals by brushing their ponies, feeding the calves, and feeding them. Casa Grande Xanceda can be found just 30 kilometers from Santiago. Reservations for visits can be made online.


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