How Do I Combine Photos Into One

Have you ever found yourself thinking that your presentation or your report would look so much more professional if you could just combine some photos? You find yourself trawling through the different software and application options and sigh as you realize it’s going to take you too much time to work it out. If you’re being honest, you don’t really know where to start or even how to work out the software. Well, have you tried’s free collage maker online? You’ll kick yourself, if you haven’t already, at just how easy it is.

We all want to look our best and this is especially true with photos. Somehow photos feel like they’re a piece of ourselves. This is because of how we’ve presented the photo or what type of style we’ve chosen. Therefore, the more professional and high quality the photos are, then the more people assume we are also professional and driven by high standards. We tend to mirror the impression the photos make. This is where free collage maker online tools come in handy. Not only do they combine photos for you but they also provide that ‘wow’ look and feel. Incredibly, this is all absolutely free.

How do you Combine Photos?

There are so many options these days for combining photos. These include complex expert software, apps and of course, our favourite free collage maker online tools. Naturally, each one offers different functionality and tools to play with however you can rest assured that every free collage maker online tool provides you with the quality and professionalism that you need. Not only that but you also get to use your creativity with as much or as little structure as you want. Most incredibly, it’s all for free. First, let’s have a look at all the options and then you can judge for yourself:

  • Software
  • Mobile Applications
  • Free collage maker online


As you’d expect there’s a range of software including those that are simple to use as well as those that require specific expertise. Clearly, some software is expensive and offers you state-of-the-art functionality and other software is available for less or even sometimes free. Generally though, you have to download the software before you can use it. Microsoft, Adobe and Photoshop are probably the most well-known brands out there although there are many others. Most seem to have started off as editing tools. They then later expanded to cover a range of functions, including combining photos.

Essentially though it all goes back to what you need to create. Are you looking for some fancy editing tools? Alternatively, are you simply trying to create something that shares your message with professionalism and style? Of course these possibilities are covered by software solutions. However, a free collage maker online can give you both but with the added advantage of being easy and convenient whilst still allowing you to combine your photos as you wish.

Mobile Applications

Clearly applications are a subset of software but today we have so many devices. It’s therefore worth mentioning the applications that are specifically designed for mobiles. Most of the software that exists also has a solution for mobiles but not all of them do. This is due to the very obvious reason that mobiles have smaller screens. This means that they wouldn’t do justice to some of the more exotic software functions that exist.

Perhaps you’re someone who’s looking for a more instantaneous experience and who prefers to work directly with the photos you’ve taken with your phone. In that case, you’ll be able to work with apps that you can download. For android, a common industry name is Google Play. On the other hand, if you have an iPhone then you’ll also have access to various different free collage maker online applications. All you need to do is to download the application that’s right for you. Then, in just a few clicks, you have your combined photos. Interestingly though, many of these apps claim to be free. This might be true to download the app initially. Interestingly though, as soon as you’re ready to download the collage you’ve created, up pops the message asking you to sign up for a free trial and “give us your credit card details”.

Free Collage Maker Online

This wonderful tool is truly free and offers a range of styles, designs and quirks so that you can create exactly what you want. Most still work best on computers but it really doesn’t take that long to transfer photos from your phone. Once your photos are uploaded, then all you need to do is to sign up to your free collage maker online tool. With most, you don’t even have the extra tedious step of having to confirm your email because you’re in straight away. It’s actually impressive how quickly you can play around with your photos and drop them into different layouts. All you have to do is select, click and drag to rearrange. What’s even more fun is that you can include logos, stickers and other graphics that you can go crazy with and really make your design unique.

Why Combine your Photos?

Now that we know how to combine photos, it’s worth describing why this is something you might want to do.

  • Tell your story
  • Boost Creativity
  • Combine memories and showcase products 
  • Leave your legacy

Some of you might also be wondering why on earth you’d need to combine photos. Think of those times you’ve cleaned out your office or your house. Isn’t it fun and so rewarding to have before and after photos? You can share these with your friends and family and show just how much you’ve achieved.  You might also want to create an effect for whatever reason. Some of those photos with the winter scene on one side and the summer scene on the other side can be so impressive. Of course it depends on what you’re trying to say with your free collage maker online tool. Are you trying to be funky and different or simply professional?

We all love our visuals and everyone enjoys looking at photos. Not only that, but it’s also far easier to convey a message in an instant through a photo than with words. Of course words can be powerful too and there’s nothing stopping you from using them with your free collage maker online tool. Most of them out there enable you to combine photos and words. Either way, there’s so much fun to be had but let’s go through the details below and you can see for yourself why you might want to do this. 

Tell Your Story with a Free Collage Maker Online

  • Connect to others
  • Share your message 

It’s worth noting that a free collage maker online doesn’t just allow you to combine your photos. It also gives you the chance to share your message. You’re essentially creating a picture board about something either in your life or in your business. Do you want to attract customers? Alternatively, perhaps you’re connecting to friends and family through memories. What does the collage say about you or your business?

Combining photos isn’t just about copy and paste. Everything we do these days leaves behind a shadow or an imprint. Photos carry emotions and memories and they say so much about us and who we are. Pick the right mix for your story and then customers will flock to your brand because they believe in you and your values.

Combine your photos such that they contrast, blend or match in order to surprise and amaze your friends and family. There are some crazy photos that seem so real and yet really can’t be. For example, have you seen the one with an elephant whose trunk is morphing into a tree? Perhaps even the man who’s turning into a bird? These photos show surrealism at its best and is exactly what some people might be looking for. Only you can decide if you’re one of those people. Then, with your free collage maker online tool you can create the perfect photo combination that you need.

Take Creativity to the Next Level

  • Be unique
  • Leverage design options 

A free collage maker online tool is a great way to generate more creativity. On the flip side, you can also just use it as a copy and paste tool that arranges your photos the way you want them onto the so-called board or collage. If you want to be a bit more quirky then you can explore using stickers, graphics and logos. You can even access different themes, colours and backgrounds. In fact, depending on which free collage maker online tool you go with, there’s really no limit.

Combine Memories and Showcase Products

  • Express who you are 
  • Promote your products 

At face value, you’re combining photos. Let’s not forget though that photos can be artistic and an expression of who we are. Suddenly you’re combining different aspects of yourself. You are showcasing yourself to the world. What does that mean for you? What does that mean if this is for your business?

Perhaps you’re combining memories to remind you of the people in your life. Conversely, you might be comparing and contrasting different products and services to promote your business. It’s so much easier for the eye to effectively take in large amounts of information from visuals rather than words. This is the power of collages.

Create a Legacy

  • Photos are forever 
  • Quality and professionalism 

We all want to leave behind our imprint on this world. What easier way to do this than with photos? Better still, you can use a free collage maker online to do the heavy lifting for you such that all you need to focus on is your message and your style. With a free collage maker online, you have guaranteed quality and professionalism.

Furthermore, your photos and message will be captured forever, often through a cloud system. Remember that your photos will also be with everyone you’ve ever sent your collage to. In addition, the more you combine your photos in a way that’s different and memorable then the more likely they will be shared and commented on. We have never been more connected technologically, therefore, why not leverage that and let people and communities help you share and distribute your photos and message? 

Final Recommendations for Combining Photos with a Free Collage Maker Online 

Combining photos is a relatively simple thing to do but it can be overwhelming to have to trawl through all the available methods. Yes, you can have fancy software or clever apps on your devices but these run out of memory so quickly. Although, hopefully these days everyone has an easily accessible back-up in the cloud. Regardless, you can make the whole experience of creating a beautiful collage so quick and easy thanks to the free collage maker online that you choose. You won’t just be combining photos but also memories with which you can reach out to friends and family. On the other hand, if you’re designing a collage to promote your business, you might simply want to connect to your ideal customer. Either way, it’s all about connecting and reaching out to others.

Whilst technology has made us the most connected we’ve ever been, paradoxically, we’re also the most lonely and isolated. The number of people living alone in developed countries is on the rise and yet technology can’t answer all our social needs. As people, we want to belong and we want to share moments and emotions with others around us. Sometimes we don’t know how to but photos are a great way to enable us to connect.

We share a memory so easily through a photo. Sometimes it might just even be curiosity that makes us look at someone’s collage but often, that’s enough to spark a conversation and a shared moment. Therefore the power of a free collage maker online is far more than just professionalizing your story. It’s all about creating and connecting through emotions by combining your photos. This is what people remember. Stories are what live on long after we are gone. So make yours count with a free collage maker online. 


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