How to Sell Your Software to a Big Company

You’ve made you: You’ve developed software that could solve the most pressing business issues and are now set to embark on the challenge of selling your product to industry giants. How do you market your program to a larger enterprise? There are numerous things to think about before taking the plunge: big (or «enterprise» companies have longer and more complex purchasing processes than smaller enterprises. There are typically more involved in the purchasing process, with a significant decision on the line. The advantage for you is the distinction in the benefits when a large firm chooses to invest in your software. not only the money, however, but also the invaluable connections, insights, and improvements and selling software, which may result.

Before you get started

Pause and consider your current business relationship, strategy, and relationships before you let on.

Is your company a fresh start-up?

The ability of a team to effectively sell an application is the pillar of your success. Suppose you’ve launched successfully and are now ready to concentrate on expansion. In that case, this is the ideal time to start building an experienced sales team that will assist you in reaching your following objectives. If this is the case for you, we’ve recently written an article on hiring the first sales representative of your business if you’d like additional information.

Big businesses have the most extended cycles of sales, which is a primary reason why sales development reps (SDRs) are a vital function in the initial stages of sales. SDRs help save time that sales reps have to devote to prospecting, increase your number of prospects and ultimately, optimize lead generation.

Read on for more details about how having the services of a group of SDRs could be helpful, if not necessary, to any B2B Software sales.

Start working your way up to a large business

Don’t attempt to jump directly to the fifth level: take the stairs. Before you set your sights on the most prominent companies, it is essential to have an extensive list of medium or small clients.

While selling software to large corporations is different from selling to small businesses in many ways, however, ultimately you’re performing the same task, offering your program to assist companies in solving an issue. Use what you have learned to work even with fewer sales and increase it to accommodate future sales needs.

Make sure you have your program out there

It is possible to think of yourself as an organization with transactions with a different business; however, people are doing business with others in the real world. Making valuable and profitable contacts at every stage throughout your career is not only beneficial and productive not just for yourself but for your connections.

Make the most of your previous contacts, make organically new ones, and gain exposure at trade shows for your industry and corporate events, where you’re guaranteed to make incredible connections regardless of what industry your software is used in.


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