Microsoft 98-364 Exam with Practice Tests: Syllabus You Need to Cover and Preparation Tips You Should Know

Microsoft is one of the leading corporations in the world of technology. It launches new software and hardware devices every year. The company is recognized for its commitment to excellence. In the past years, Microsoft has experienced tremendous growth in its certification sector. And this popularity is still going up.It is a beneficial opportunity for many individuals because the vendor offers access to various levels of credentials. Having one improves the value of your resume during the recruiting process. Moreover, it will serve as a great experience for you. You will be among the professionals with competitive skills who are preferred by the employing organizations.

So, if you want to pursue one of the Microsoft certifications, you can go for the following: MTA, MCSA, MCSE, and Click Here Visit Exam-Labs URL MCSD. To earn any of them, you must have good skills in a specific domain. Furthermore, you need to take a respective exam, and there are some things you must encounter when earningyourcredential. In this article, we will talk about the entry-level certificate (Microsoft MTA) and its associated test(Microsoft 98-364).

Overview of Microsoft 98-364 certification exam

Microsoft has improved its level of certifications with advanced technology. Furthermore, it has provided many specialists with a path of knowledge to find out what they can do. One of the important paths is Microsoft 98-364, which is the Database Fundamentals exam. It is meant for those individuals who intend to nurture their career in database. Therefore, the test will help you gain the skills and knowledge related to Microsoft SQL Server.

Before starting your preparation process, make sure you collect sufficient information. This means that you need to do thorough research to know the details that includethe exampattern and its policies. Thus, you need to know that you will have 60 minutes for about 40-50 questions of different types. If you pay $127 and get more than 700 points, you will obtain the MTA credential.

Requirements for Microsoft 98-364 certification exam

By now, you understand that skills and experience are very important when preparing for any Microsoft exam. You need to have the skills and knowledge related to Microsoft SQL Server before you can sit for the Microsoft Certification 98-364 test. Furthermore, you should have practical experience and know all the concepts related to the SQL Server database. You can get this by taking an official training course or utilizing the tutorials accessible on Microsoft Visual Studio and MSDN.

Objectives of Microsoft 98-364 certification exam

In any certification exam, you need to know the topics before starting the preparation process. Knowing the specific content of Microsoft 98-364 will lessen your work since you will be finding the revision material based on the information you have. That is why let’s look at what you will need to explore during your preparation days.

  • Understanding core database concepts

This domain entails one’sunderstanding of how he/she can store data in a table. You need to know what a table is and get acquainted with its relation to the data stored in columns and rows. You should also understand relational database concepts, data manipulation language, and data definition language.

  • Creating database objects

You need to understand the type of data involved, why it’s vital, and how it’s impacting storage prerequisites. You should understand tables and how to design them, creating views and understanding of how to use them. You also have to know how to create stored functions and procedures.

  • Manipulating data

This topic area entails selecting data, where you use SELECT queries to extract data from a single table. You need to know how to insert data in a database, update it,or delete it in a database.

  • Understanding data storage

This section comes in three subtopics. They include understanding the reasons for normalization, levels of normalization,and ways to normalize the database in a standard form. Also,the domain covers understanding primary, composite, and foreign keys. Moreover, the learners should understand indexes.

  • Administering database

Two subtopics of this objective include understanding database security concepts and database restore and backup. Also, you need to study the importance of securing databases and the objects that need to be secured. You must know about different types of backup such as full and incremental, the significance of backups, and how to restore a database.

Preparation for Microsoft 98-364 certification exam

Irrespective of the experience you might have in the database, you will need to prepare well. There are numerous study materials that you can use during your preparation. To begin with, check out the training courses offered by Microsoft. 40364A: Database Administration Fundamentals is a three-day course you need to consider. Itsinstructor will help you prepare for Microsoft 98-364 and develop an understanding of the topics.Please also note that Microsoft validates the qualified specialists for having hands-on skills. That’s why it’s important to find a way to get as much practical experience as you can.

After using this type of preparation with study guides and official practice tests, you can review your readiness with other resources. In this case, braindumps are the best choice. They offer you a chance to practice in a real exam surrounding and improve your results. Make sure you get valid files from authenticsites such asExam-labs. These prep tools will help you know the type of questions you’ll encounter in the actual test and the ways of tackling them. Moreover, the website offers other useful study materials that include study guides,video courses, and practice questions.


While MTA is not a strict requirement for earning the advanced certificates such as MCSA, the advantages of having it can’t be overlooked. The Microsoft 98-364 exam is beneficial for your career. For instance, the recruiters are always searching for the certified specialists whose skills have been validated by this internationally recognized company. The truth is that not everyone can pass the Microsoft certification tests. That’s why the organizations hold on to the professionals they get. So, make sure you understand the topics so that you can pass the exam and become a part of this group of individuals.


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