Pay with Bitcoin for Ayahuasca Healing Retreats

Just a few decades ago, the powers of ayahuasca were unavailable for most people. They simply did not know that something like it existed or where they needed to go to find authentic shamans to go through the ceremony. 

Today, everyone can opt for a life-changing experience in Peru. Ayahuasca ceremonies are recommended for everyone who wants to improve life. Safety, convenience, and comfort are those great things that people can take advantage of today when it comes to going to another country to discover the powers of sacred plants. 

Aiming at ensuring the highest level of comfort, the Moyano center now allows you to pay with Bitcoins. Find out how it works and why it is good for you. 

Why Paying with Bitcoins Is Beneficial

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency. Today, it is found on any cryptocurrency exchange. Lots of people use it for sending money and paying for goods and services or just keep it as an investment in their digital wallet. 

The Moyano center allows making payments for ayahuasca retreat in different ways, and now, Bitcoin is also available for this purpose. It is particularly good news for those who have some Bitcoins in their e-wallets and want to use the services of Moyano. They do not have to exchange it to any fiat money first. So, if you are looking for a reliable ayahuasca center in Peru that accepts Bitcoins, you should consider the reliable Moyano center.

Choosing the Right Center 

The popularity of ayahuasca is growing so fast that more and more centers appear all over the world. The number of ayahuasca fans also keeps increasing rapidly. It is no wonder because those who have ever stepped into the spiritual world get a different perception of everything. They were able to overcome their addictions, struggles, fears, and other inners problems. After being healed from various diseases or finding the right answers, those people have a deep respect for the ancient tradition. 

However, there is no better place to go through the ceremony than in its motherland. Peru is often chosen by travelers because it has a good climate, it is easy to get to, and it is the land of ancient tribes and sacred plants. 

Moyano is one of the centers that you can choose. There, you will enjoy the safest and best possible experience with ayahuasca. 

The main advantages of Moyano are the following:

  • Authentic and experienced shamans;
  • New shelters for visitors;
  • Amazingly beautiful location;
  • A wide range of healing procedures;
  • Different retreat programs;
  • Several convenient payment options.

Important Things to Know about Ayahuasca 

If you are a traveler looking for new impressions, you can come to Peru, but it does not mean that you should go to ayahuasca retreat. These sacred ceremonies are conducted for people looking for a cure from their diseases or individuals who want to look at the world and self from a different angle. 

There are diverse ways of how people find out about ayahuasca. Some of them believe in ancient healing traditions and want to discover more things about them. Other people are looking for something to improve their lives. There are also people searching for a way to get rid of their fears or find answers to some questions. Some ayahuasca followers even admit that ayahuasca was calling for them, and they felt the power that they should follow through long distances. 

The plants used in the preparation of the drink have psychedelic properties, which causes the interest of those prone to drug abuse. When used incorrectly, the drink will not work as expected. Ayahuasca ceremonies can help you fight any type of addiction when conducted under the supervision of an authentic shaman. 

How to Prepare Yourself for Ayahuasca Ceremony 

It is important to be prepared both physically and mentally for such a ceremony. In particular, for a couple of weeks before the ceremony, you should refrain from using alcohol, cigarettes, salty products (table salt or sauces), sugar, caffeine, dairy products, red meat, and some other products.

As for preparing yourself mentally, it is important to spend time in a quiet environment without TV or other things that can distract you. It is essential to focus on important things for you, your goals. It is recommended to do meditation and yoga to achieve peace of mind.

At the Moyano center, you will be able to go through the effective preparation stage. Herbal dieting, relaxing and healing massages, and amazingly beautiful views of mountains, forests, and waterfalls will allow you to reach the right state of mind for the ceremony.

If you need to obtain any information on the ceremonies, shelters, the ways to get to Moyano, and more, you should contact the center’s representatives. On the official website of Moyano, you will find a range of contact details to choose from. Also, you should watch helpful videos about ayahuasca retreats and shamans offered by Moyano.


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