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Unexpectedly for many users, the Pin-Up bookmaker has rebranded. On March 17, 2022, an updated Pin up was presented to the audience. 

There was no information about the upcoming changes on social networks or on the pin.up casino website. But vigilant users noticed an interesting fact: back on March 9, an order was placed on one freelance exchange to create a logo for Pin up.

On March 16, the PunUp website was closed for maintenance, and on March 17, access to the bookmaker’s services began to be carried out on pin , where all Pin-Up accounts were transferred along with the money. The platform has remained the same, but some changes have been noticeable since the first day. The color scheme has become a little calmer: there is less red and more green. It is also worth noting the appearance of rather «audacious» and not the most familiar phrases and formulations in many sections of the site: a banner with the inscription: «Peek-a-boo, this is Pin up» on the main page, or the phrase «About us, handsome» with a hyperlink to the section with information about the office.

Sponsorship agreements with the football clubs «Rotor», «Shinnik» and «Amkar» continue to operate. According to the information from the bookmaker, a new logo will be introduced in all sponsor integrations in the near future. 


The first stage of the registration form is the indication of the phone number. Next, you need to enter your date of birth and email address. The rest of the data is requested already during verification. Pin up does not use the standard authorization scheme for most offices using a single password. Each time you log in, a one-time randomly generated password is sent to the phone number linked to the account. 

Verification can be carried out both online and offline. In the first case, it is possible to get access to the bookmaker’s services without leaving home, but limits on one operation (up to 60 thousand TRY) and the total turnover of funds on the account per month (no more than 200 thousand) will be applied to the account. Personal visits to partner salons with a passport removes such restrictions. 

Online verification can be completed on the official Pin up website in two stages. The first is filling out a questionnaire with personal data. The second is to confirm the authenticity of the specified information by sending a photo of the main page of the passport and a selfie with the document next to the face. After checking the questionnaire and photos, if the specified authentic data and clear high-quality photos are sent, the identification status is updated and you can start using the game account.

Another option for simplified online identification is using the website «Public Services».. After checking the information (5-10 minutes) the identification status is updated and the pin up profile becomes identified. The Pin up sports line includes a choice of 30-35 disciplines, although there is a clear gap in the depth of study between the 5-6 most popular and all other sports. In addition to sports betting, the bookmaker also offers a good esports section. The most widely represented disciplines are DoTA2, CS:GO and League of Legends, although there is a choice from a dozen other games.

As for the odds, the bookmaker is at a level comparable to most competitors in the legal market, but Pin up does not yet reach the best PIN UP in this regard. The margin strongly depends on the status and popularity of the sport, the tournament, and even individual teams and athletes participating in the game. But it is worth noting that even for little-known regional competitions, the bookmaker’s commission rarely rises above 10%. But the top leagues in popular sports, on the contrary, come out with a margin of 2-3%, which makes betting on such competitions especially profitable for players.


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