Responsible Gaming: Differentiating Legal and Illegal Online Casinos

Technology has made numerous tasks and things easier for many. The internet has undoubtedly made many things more accessible. Many people now rely heavily on mobile devices and can learn all sorts of stuff on the internet. But there’s plenty to think about when using technology. We must always ensure our security.

Nowadays, you can pay your bills, access your bank accounts or play games, as well as play actual money casino games such as roulette, poker, Baccarat and blackjack online from India or anywhere around the globe. What was previously unattainable such as being able to play with a small device that you can use to chat with other 메이저놀이터players and play games with other players, is now commonplace these days.

It’s normal to think that, at times, we overlook the essential things to think about, mainly when playing online games with real money. Research suggests that many gamblers cannot discern between legitimate and illegal gambling websites. Many of them are confused; fortunately, the government is beginning to recognize this.

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In Comes Conscious Gaming

Conscious Gaming is a nonprofit group that is mainly involved in online Gaming. GeoComply set it. The organization’s goal is to coordinate the needs of responsible Gaming for all players in the sector.

GeoComply is the most trusted service for accurate geolocation for gambling online, also known as the iGaming sector. The company’s co-founder and chairman, Anna Sainsbury, once spoke about the rise of Gaming and the challenges it faces when it first made a donation of the funds to Conscious Gaming.

Sainsbury stated, «We have been very blessed at GeoComply to enjoy an early view of the growing online gaming industry across the United States over the past decade. We understand that with this expansion is a challenge and GeoComply is delighted to pledge money for Conscious Gaming to help the industry fulfill its responsibility in ensuring responsible Gaming as well as an environment that is safe for the players.»

Since then, Conscious Gaming has been known to have successfully implemented PlayPause, which is a self-exclude gaming tool. The tool was first introduced in Pennsylvania in the year 2000. With this, online gamblers and anyone online can self-exclude across several states to keep themselves from playing. This is a way to promote more secure gambling methods.

What’s New This Year?

Conscious Gaming is now making the news again when they announce that they intend to educate gamblers online to recognize which casinos online are legitimate and which are not. They do this by using Bettor Safe. This campaign has been launched recently to help promote the advantages of gambling on licensed casinos and also to dispel the risks associated with playing on websites that are not licensed or legal.

The campaign began with New Jersey and Pennsylvania, as according to research, this is the place where a lot of gamblers are unsure of what a legally-licensed gambling site means. Based on Conscious Gaming, they will be adding more programs or initiatives that are more specific to states.

The nonprofit organization’s vice president, Seth Palansky, talked about how important the campaign is. Seth Palansky said, «This campaign is in a crucial time where American sports enthusiasts are getting ready to play in this year’s NCAA basketball competition with a pandemic causing people to become to the internet.

«Now more than ever we must educate consumers and equip them with the tools to make more informed decisions about online 메이저놀이터betting.»

Why Bettor Safe?

According to studies, 35% of people who live in the United States do not know whether online betting is legal in their state. This is the reason why many gamblers are taken for a ride by unlicensed or illegal casinos on the internet. Bettors gamble on these websites and do not realize that the operators aren’t licensed that is akin to not knowing the risk of the activities they’re engaging in.

According to Conscious Gaming’s study across the States of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, 25% of the respondents in NJ and more than 30 percent in Pennsylvania weren’t aware that online gambling was already permitted in the states. Many of them believed that it was illegal. The study also revealed that most respondents from both states could not discern whether a site for gambling is legal or not.

The director-general of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, Kevin O’Toole, believes that this campaign is a crucial source to help customers become empowered.

Bettor Safe can let consumers know which gambling sites have been approved by the State Division of Gaming Enforcement. The campaign also informs consumers what logos to search for to verify whether a casino is legally operating or is operating. It contains all the information gamblers need to know to determine a casino’s authenticity. The best part is that the campaign specific to each state is unique or based on the state’s laws and rules.


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