The GPS Locator for Dogs

Being able to always monitor our dog is very important: in fact, we can not only activate a preventive mechanism for leaks and make their return faster, but also know for sure how much physical activity our dog is doing. Whether we live in the city or in the country, this is an accessory that cannot be missing from our dog’s collar. There are multiple GPS locators for sale, which we can divide into two main categories … Let’s see them!

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GPS Locators for Dogs with Subscription

GPS locators for dogs are usually devices that contain a sim card which uses GPS technology to locate the dog through an app. Those with a subscription included are the most reliable, since the sim that these devices have and their consumption are designed to adapt to the needs of dog owners. They exist both as collars with built-in devices and external devices that attach to the dog’s collar. The latter Collar GPS gatos are the most popular as they are more resistant. In general, the possibility of acquiring a device that includes the subscription means a greater saving of time and money.

GPS Locator for Dogs without Subscription

Along with the GPS locators for dogs with subscription, there are also devices on the market in which we can insert a telephone sim of our choice and that do not require a specific subscription for their use. The performance may not be much different, but what is certain is that they are more difficult to manage and may not take advantage of the great advantage of the unlimited consumption of the sim card, especially if you travel abroad and need to use roaming.

The Kippy EVO GPS Locator for Dogs

Kippy EVO is a GPS tracker for dogs that includes a device with sim and a subscription that is managed through the app. Robust and accurate, the Kippy EVO locator allows us to monitor the dog’s motor activity data, define a virtual enclosure and keep track of what we do together. In order to enjoy all these benefits, we must recharge the battery approximately once every ten days. Your sim uses a combination of GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth technology to ensure maximum precision when it comes to the dog’s position in real time.

How To Use Kippy Evo For Cats

Kippy is a simple device that does not bother the cat, whose hair is very sensitive due to nerve endings: Kippy must be worn every day so that the cat gradually gets used to it. The ideal, moreover, would be not to place Kippy on the collar, but to equip the cat with a harness, to avoid discomfort, without impeding its movements and maximizing the GPS performance.


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