6 Things College Students Have in Common

All of us have something in common. For example, we all go to school. Thus, we become students and are already related to one another in this situation. However, students have much more in common. After young teenagers graduate from school, they commonly attend a college. This is one of the common things they have. Now, let’s define what other things unite students from all around the globe. We will review these similarities.

Learning Problems

One of the most typical similarities is not that pleasant. However, it automatically occurs to the mind. It’s a problem with learning. No matter how quick, effective, and gifted a student is, s/he will surely face a lot of challenges. Some of them may be easy to handle. Other ones will become a real nightmare.

For example, students lack time to cope with a great variety of assignments. This issue may be even reviewed as a separate question. Time is one of the worst and eternal enemies of all students. No matter where they study, they have to submit their assignments before the deadline isn’t over. Additionally, students may struggle with a particular piece of writing or academic discipline.

It also brings them together. Many students collaborate to cope with the same obstacles. They try to divide tasks and afterward, come to a common solution. They also use other methods of working together. Thus, many youngsters order essay help to cope with their difficulties. It also shows that such small things unite them.

Educational Goals

The next typical similarity is more pleasant. It’s the final outcome of the learning process. Every student applies for this or that college with certain academic objectives. The first commonness is that students prefer the same college. Afterward, some choose the same course and academic subject. This brings people together. They understand that they have a lot in common.

This helps to establish a dependable friendship. Many people started their friendship during their college years and remained devoted friends to the end of their days. They may set the same educational goals to acquire the same job.

The Same Assignments

While students learn, they have to deal with a lot of assignments. Folks from the same faculties definitely have the same assignments. Thus, many of them unite into small groupings to manage assignments more effectively and quicker. This also improves teamwork skill. This skill is very important in merely every sphere of life. Simultaneously, it develops communicative and interpersonal skills.

Teamwork has many benefits. Thus, students undergo a hidden competition. Every one, secretly, wants to prevail over others. This stimulates every participant of the group to work harder and thus, people improve themselves. Of course, this secret desire should be reasonable and without jealousy. Another benefit is that other people can help you. It’s not always possible to manage every assignment perfectly. When you fail, other folks may reach out their helping hand. You should do the same in return.


There would be hardly one person who doesn’t feel homesick for the native places. Many students feel lost and forsaken as they are torn away from home. Luckily, they are not actually alone. Many strangers around have this problem too. Oftentimes, students united under one flag to withstand the bitterness of their separation from home, family, school friends, and places they love.

Fear of Being Mistaken

Learning brings a lot of stress. It exists in different forms, and one of them is a fear of being mistaken. You may feel quite alright at school because you know everyone. However, the first semester may turn into a real nightmare. Many teens are afraid that other students will ridicule them due to the mistakes they may make.

You should understand that other students have the same fears. You can make friends with others. First of all, you should never laugh at the mistakes of your peers. Secondly, try to master your fears. All of us are human, and making mistakes is an inevitable part of our nature. We learn and gain a positive experience from our own faults. Don’t be afraid, support other students, and become friends.

There is another similarity, which is similar to the previous one. Many folks are shy. It happens due to a lack of experience, their age, and possibly, their personal traits. You may be shy too. Remind yourself that other folks hardly differ from you. Support each other!


Finally, you should not forget that students are young. Enthusiasm about life and maximalism of this age can do miracles. It unites many youngsters under the common goal. They actively collaborate to reach some dreams. They hang out, travel, create, imagine, and dream together.

Students are very different because they are from different parts of the world. They have different origin, nationality, religions, worldviews, mentality, customs, traditions, history, habits, interests, world views, and so on. Moreover, even people from the same country and even city have many differences. It’s actually very good! The differences make out of us individuals. Simultaneously, we aren’t complete strangers to one another.

There are many similarities that bring us together. As you can see, this article clearly illustrates it. Students from different corners of the planet can find a lot in common and thus, establish friendly relationships. Find your soul mates and overcome all the troubles and weighs of life together.


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