Aviator – how to play?

The developer has chosen one of the most interesting niches for his machine. There are not many truly unique developments in the section with innovative slots. This slot machine has an unusual structure, as it does not have traditional paylines. 

The player of the needs to predict at what altitude the plane will explode. An explosion is an inevitable event, so you should not focus on it. It will be enough to determine the multiplier that Jet will be able to get before an accident occurs. The start of the game takes place on the runway from where the plane will start. Players will need to place bets before the plane leaves the launch pad. The gameplay is different:

  • unique features;
  • an unforeseen outcome;
  • variability of bids.

You can bet an amount from a cent to several hundred dollars on a flight. The maximum multiplier is unlimited, as it all depends on the case. The higher the plane rises, the more the player will get as a result. As soon as the gambler presses the «Collect» key, the next round ends, and the user receives a payout equal to the size of the bet multiplied by the accumulated multiplier.

Indeed, such a plot would be difficult to call ordinary. For this reason, players are recommended to get used to using the free mode first. You can still bet in it, but instead of real money from the player’s deposit, you will have to bet on free credits. For this reason, a mistake made out of ignorance will not lead to financial losses. The machine is really unique, as you can see from the first moments after its launch. For this reason, it is recommended to start with small bets in the main mode, which will help to understand how the aircraft behaves in most cases. Only after discovering a pattern in the gameplay, it will be possible to risk a large sum. For fans of gambling entertainment, it will be an important moment to find a platform that complies with the rules of fair play. Such establishments have a license to conduct gambling, and also cooperate with well-known slot developers, so there is no doubt about the promptness of payments. Simple registration will be the only requirement that needs to be met on the way to betting and big wins.

Aviator strategy «without haste»

There is no need to look for signals or patterns to use the strategy. The calculation is to win money in the long run. You need to place 3-4 bets and wait for the coefficient from 1.01 to 1.09, then withdraw them. As statistics show, this strategy of the former «Aviator» works correctly in the vast majority of cases. The main thing is to stop in time. In one of about 5-6 draws, Lucky Joe flies away on a jetpack right after the start, so after several wins in a row, it’s better to pause.

Aviator strategy «Bet x100+»

This tactic of the game appeared recently, but has already proved its effectiveness. We will try to catch the coefficient of 100, using the statistics of the previous rounds for the forecast. Go to the history and see at what time the last time the coefficient reached the desired value. Count down from this time exactly one hour and start playing. The first bet can be closed when the character reaches 30-40, the calculation of the second one will be correct when the indicator reaches 100. The ability to make competent predictions is almost the main skill for those who play Lucky Jet. Do not forget to analyze the signals from the game, as this will allow you to win much more often. It’s no secret that extra money won’t hurt anyone!


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