Best Hidden Spy App for Android TheOneSpy Review

People these days are desperate to monitor android digital devices such as cell phones and gadgets. The android technology has evolved over the years worldwide and everyone is using these devices due to so many odd reasons. Therefore, people who have the interest to have cell phone monitoring app for android in order to monitor the activities happen on android secretly. 

Most of the people that really want to do surveillance on android are parents, employers and as well as loved ones in a relationship.  Parents want to monitor their kids and teens android mobile phones to keep a hidden eye on the activities they perform on the virtual world to make sure their online safety. 

When it comes to the business world, employers want to monitor employees company’s owned Android smartphones to know what they are doing within the working hours to make a secret check on them to evaluate their performance. 

People in a relationship also want to spy on their loved ones to prevent cheating due to the rise and the rise of online infidelity.  So, if you are one of these people then you need to use hidden spy app for android on the target cell phone. 

How to get hidden monitoring app for android? 

Initially, you need to use your personal mobile phone or computer device browser that should have internet access. Now simply go through the browser and type of hidden phone surveillance software. 

Once you have done it, it will give redirect you towards the best cell phone monitoring software for Android that empowers you to secretly track the android device.

 So, once you are on the web page of TheOneSpy hidden phone tracking app, you need to subscribe for a cell phone spy app. In response, you will receive passcode and ID then you will be able to use get access to the online control panel. 

However, at the moment you need to get physical access on the target device and once you have instantly installed the mobile phone tracking spyware on the target device. Once you have ended up with the installation process then you need to activate it on the target device. 

However, prior to this stage, you will see a pop –up message on the screen. In addition, you need to use this message to hide the android spy app on the target android cell phone. Now use the passcode and ID and get access to the electronic web portal where you can have plenty of parental monitoring, employee monitoring, and spouse tracking tools that get your job done secretly and convincingly.

Use TheOneSpy phone surveillance software tools on target Android phone 


Live screen recording

The end user can remotely get access to the electronic web portal and need to tap on the live screen recorder software. It empowers you to record the screen of the target android cell phone in terms of short videos back and forth and send the recorded videos to the online web portal. So, you have access to the dashboard where you can see the live recorded videos. You can record screen in terms of Chrome screen recording, email, SMS, YouTube, social media apps, and applied passwords. 

IM’s logs without rooting 

You can remotely get ingress to the target Android smartphone without rooting it and certainly get the logs of all the social media apps running on the target cell phone in terms of logs. You can get the logs in terms of messages, conversations, audio video conversations, shared media photos, videos and voice messages. 

Surround monitoring 

You can remotely control target device MIC using MIC bug app to record surround and conversation. In addition, the user can remotely control the target device front and back camera that empowers the user to record surrounds visuals using spyvidcam bug. Further, the user can use the camera bug app to capture photos. 

Text messages spy 

The end user can secretly track text messages sent received, SMS, MMS, and heads up notifications using text messages monitoring software. 

GPS location tracking 

You can secretly get to know the pinpoint location of your target android phone likewise, location history, weekly location history, and last but not the least mark save and restricted areas. 

Call recording 

The end user can record live calls on the target cell phone using android spying software. 


Use phone spy software and get access to the target android cell phone for setting parental control or for the purpose of employee monitoring to the fullest.


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