9 Best Car Apps for Android On 2019

Nowadays, we spend substantial amounts of time in our cars. With the explosion of digital apps and other technologies, it is surprising that apps for cars have lagged behind. However, it is changing.

Developers are increasingly building apps and integrating them with various auto features. This improves the overall motoring experience. These apps will vary widely from those focused on navigation, traffic, gas, diagnostics, and entertainment. Some of these apps will even combine several of these features. Let us look at the best car apps for android.


Waze App

Waze is a traffic app suitable for people living in cities. We all know that sitting in traffic is stressful. With Waze, you can navigate your way around cities with accurate traffic update. Waze uses data crowdsourced from users.

The app will go further and show accidents, locations where police are, potholes, roadworks, and any other obstacle that may cause delays. It is the most reliable service for showing current traffic conditions over other apps. Waze will also offer navigation, though not as good as Google maps. Waze relies on users reporting incidences, so if you see something, help fellow road users by marking it on the app.

Google Maps

Google Maps App

Google Maps is the main navigation app used all over the world. This is a versatile app that will get you anywhere and inform you of all traffic conditions you are likely to encounter. Google Maps offers step by step navigation and voice-overs to direct you. This is the android default and most likely will come as a default app on your android phone. Even though there are other navigation apps, you may not need them with Google Maps.

You’ll get detailed route info, live traffic statistics, multiple view options amongst many other features. Google Maps can be used offline too. You’ll need first to download the area map beforehand. However, you won’t receive live traffic updates while offline. You can download numerous area maps if you anticipate you won’t be having a connection on your trip. With Google maps, you’ll still use the app even while not driving.

Android Auto

Android Auto App

This is a must-have android app for all android users. This app gives quick access to different androids features such as maps, messaging, dialer, music, as well as other apps.

You can use this app in two ways. One is from your phone, where you mount it on the dashboard. There are some cars which come with the Android Auto app built-in. This way, the app is on the car’s touchscreen. You’ll then access your phone as you drive. Messages and other notifications will be read aloud.

This free app is designed to make your driving experience safer and more enjoyable. The buttons are huge so that you can tap them easily. Navigation, calling a contact, taking a route on Google maps will all be done with your voice.

Torque Pro

Torque Pro App

Torque Pro is a performance, and diagnostic app that works together with a Bluetooth adapter plugged into your car diagnostics socket. This android app is so versatile in its use. It can access the different sensors in your vehicle as well as read code.

Being a cutting edge vehicle diagnostics and efficiency tool, the Torque app is a must-have. It costs a few dollars to buy from the Google play store. You’ll then need to buy the Bluetooth adapter if you don’t have one already. There is a free lite version which you can use to test, but for full functionality, you’ll need the Pro version.

Torque pro will work with most modern vehicles. Cars manufactured after 2000 have the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD2) standard. However, check whether your car is in the list of compatible vehicles. When you have downloaded the app and installed it, it will prompt you to pair it via Bluetooth with the OBD II Bluetooth adapter connected to the diagnostics socket. From here, you can access your vehicle’s ECU via the app.


GasBuddy App

Just as the name suggests, this app will help you track gas prices. You’ll know where to get the cheapest gas. For people on a road trip of visiting an area, this app will help you refuel at the right place. The prices are crowd-sourced from the community of users. It is a good practice to update the prices as well if you come across any changes.


This is an amazing app that helps you manage your car. it works by organizing everything you need in your car and keeping a record. It will alert you when it’s time for service and maintenance. It will also alert you to renew your registration and insurance. It keeps an eye on most things you are likely to forget. You can use the app to search for a nearby mechanic in case you need some work done.


Drivvo App

This is like a personal assistant for your car. It keeps track of everything about your car. It is a very powerful app for drivers to have. Information such as maintenance, service, repairs, expenses, mileage, gas consumption, and many more will be kept for your analysis and review. For company cars or people who drive to work and want to keep track of expenses for tax reasons, this app will come in handily. The alerts will help you know when it’s time for maintenance.


I know you are amazed to find YouTube on this list. YouTube is a powerful app for any motorist, mechanic, or car enthusiast. There are tonnes of video that address any problem you might have. Whether it is a general query or you want to troubleshoot a problem, you’ll find all the answers you wish to.

Car Manufacturers Apps

Vehicles manufacturers nowadays have a companion app that will sync with your car. this app is useful for giving valuable information about the vehicle such as recalls, fuel range, engine light. Some advanced apps allow for some quick diagnostics over the app, while others will also remote starting. The apps differ per the manufacturer and the model of the vehicle. Some of them are free, while others have a subscription fee.


These are the best apps for android and you can also consult more car apps for both Android and iPhone. Though there are many other apps, these are most popular with android users. The features, functionality, and versatility of these apps help improve their driving experience


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