Microsoft 70-740: How to Nail ThisExam at the Very First Attempt?

What is Microsoft 70-740?

As published on the official Microsoft website, the candidates for this test are involved in the storage, installation, and compute functionalities available in Windows Server 2016. They perform general installation tasks, including configuring and installing Nano Server, as well as creating and managing images for deployment. The exam is necessary to achieve the MCSA certificate.

Who should take this exam?

The IT professionalswho have experience with Windows Server and want to equip themselves with the knowledge of the latest technologies offered by Microsoft will find this certification exam beneficial. In general, the Microsoft MCSA 70-740 test is intended for those individuals who deal with deployment, operation,installation, and maintenance of Windows Server environment in any organization.

What is required from the candidates?

The individuals who are going to sit for the Microsoft 70-740 exam should have experience with local and server storage solutions, involving configuration of volumes and disks, high availability, data deduplication,disaster recovery, and failover clustering solutions. The candidates should also have a decent grip over managing Hyper-V and containers, as well as monitoring and maintaining servers in physical and compute environments.

What exam topics are included in Microsoft 70-740?

There is the list of topics to be covered as suggested by Microsoft, along with the approximate percentage of questions from these topic areas:

  • Installation of Windows Servers in Compute and Host Environments (10-15%)
  • Storage Solutions Implementation (10-15%)
  • Implementation of Hyper-V (20-25%)
  • Windows Containers Implementation (5-10%)
  • Implementation of High Availability (30-35%)
  • Maintenance and control ofserver environments (10-15%)

What will you learn through this exam?

  • How to upgrade and install Microsoft Windows Server 2016
  • The features of Microsoft Windows Server 2016
  • Technical support and troubleshooting existing installations of Microsoft Windows Server 2016
  • Configuration of local storage systems on Microsoft Windows Server 2016 machines
  • The storage technologies and protocols, such as NAS, SAN, DAS,FCoE, and iSCSI
  • Implementation of the basic storage functionalities, including snapshots, data deduplication, etc.
  • Using Microsoft Hyper-V for virtualization of compute and storage environments
  • Implementation of high availability and disaster recovery using Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Implementation and configuration of fully a fault-tolerant storage and compute system
  • Understanding of network load balancing and its implementationin different scenarios
  • Monitor and support of upgrade patches using WSUS

How can you pass Microsoft 70-740 with ease?

  1. Make books your friends. Along with the exam objectives and practice tests, the significance of study guides cannot be undermined. The students must consult the official Microsoft Exam Ref 70-740 Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016 study tutorial for their preparation. The Wiley’s Microsoft 70-740 exam guide is another helpful resource material.
  2. Take a detailed online course. The Internet is loaded with online courses with up-to-date content, some of them have been prepared and verified by the IT professionals. Therefore, these courses cannot only sustain you with theoretical knowledge they will also prepare you practically. Additionally, such trainings create an encouraging environment for learning, emulating that of an actual classroom. The end-of-module quizzes, practice tests, reading material, and video tutorials are detailed, and the course can be continued at one’s own pace.
  3. Work in the labs.When you prepare for the Microsoft 70-740 exam, you will have to gain a lot of theoretical knowledge. However, this will only get you halfway through as the implementation of the theory is equally important. In this regard, the lab tasks are the ultimate key, and they will increase your confidence about your preparation, as well as will make you more competent when it comes to configuring of Windows Server 2016. These are some of the hands-on labs to help you practice what you’re learning about installation and deployment of Windows Server 2016:
  4. Microsoft self-paced labs
  5. Free Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Virtual labs
  6. Download past exams. After you have equipped yourself with the required knowledge, you should find the past exams online and download them. Many tests have been specifically designed for the candidates preparing for Microsoft 70-740. Hence, spotting them will not be an issue. Practice tests will help you in determining the types of questions that appear in the real certification examand will also get you ready for the big day avoiding stress.
  7. Be in a discussion group.Many individuals opt for this exam now and you can discuss many issues with them. Forums will help you discover things that you don’t know. You will ask about the problems talking withthose who have already passed their tests. There is a good opportunity to learn from their experiences. You can feel free to ask anything and share your thoughts with the other members of the group.

What online resources can be helpful?

  • Examsnap:This is a website that offers video tutorials, exam dumps, audio exams, and other resources that will elevate your confidence in exam preparation. Most importantly, Examsnap is perfect not only for beginners but also for professionals. Therefore, this platform is for those who are intending to occupy better positions in the field of cybersecurity, as well as looking for good opportunities in the sphere.
  • Exam-Labs: The site offers the training course that will teach you how to implement storage and Hyper-V solutions, install Windows Server 2016, and keep server environments.
  • ExamSnap: This is another platform that stands out amongst others when it comes to preparing for the Microsoft 70-740 certification exam, offering the best practice tests.

Conclusion Now you know all the most important secrets of exam success. Don’t delay your studies till the last moment. Find the best resources and combine books, practice tests, training courses, and other preparation tools. So, go for your high score and be


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