DazPlayer: The best way to watch free TV on Android and Smart TV

In Escape Digital we usually collect the best applications to watch television on our Android devices, TV Box or Smart TV. This time we will share with you a new very useful method to watch TV without installing an application, everything we do from the browser of our mobile phone, TV Box or Smart TV, the protagonist is DazPlayer.

DazPlayer is a free service that allows you to view up to 60 TV channels, just simply run the internet browser on our Android devices, TV Box or Smart TV and write the web address of the platform, in the case of smart tv no must enter from opera mini. In page there are 60 channels for the moment but little by little the web is adding new resources to add more content, at this moment it has the most popular channels or more visualized by the people in general.

You will see channels such as WinsSport, HBO, Claro Sport, Beins Sport, NTN24, ANTENA 3, among others, simply select the one you want to visualize, play and you will have the live broadcast live.

DazPlayer is one of the best alternatives when it comes to watching your favorite programming live online and without downloading any application.

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