How to get Spotify Premium free on iOS (iPhone and iPad)

If you are someone who likes to listen to songs from your favorite artists and with a clean audio quality, then Spotify is the correct application to make this possible. After the great success that the music platform has acquired, more and more users are joining the service, taking it to reach 15 million subscribers.

Spotify is also available for different platforms such as iOS, providing Apple devices with a way to play an extensive list of songs from different genres and artists. Although the service of this music platform is completely free, it has certain limitations when playing a song, only accepting that it is done in a random way.

If we are playing a list of random songs, and if we want to go back the list to listen to one again, it will not be possible in the free version of Spotify, since you can only advance to the next song.

Spotify, although it can be purchased for free, also has its Premium version, which allows us to use features that are not normally present in its version without cost. If you want to experience all the advantages of Spotify without having to resort to paying for the Premium version, then follow the steps indicated in this article.

How is Tutu APP installed?

In this occasion we will install Spotify from tutuApp.

After installing, follow these steps:

.Open the Settings application.
.Go to General> Profile.
.Tap on the name of the app you have chosen to install.
.Select the «Trust» option.
.Enjoy Spotifay Premium!

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