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Mobile phone allows you to play all categories of casino games – table games, slot machines, live games. Even if you don’t use a mobile app, you can play all these games on your mobile browser. If you have never tried, we recommend it. Since the same data can be logged into your mobile account, there are no complicated circumstances for players – you log in and play.

Most popular payment methods in Brazil 

More and more players are paying attention to what payment methods they can use to replenish their casino account. Previously, the most popular and only payment methods were bank transfer and credit card, but now – more and more people are joining the use of electronic wallets. Electronic wallets are characterized by the fact that payments are processed much faster. In some casinos, after a cash payout with the popular electronic wallet «Skrill», money appears in the account after just a few minutes. However, electronic wallets also have their drawbacks, which we will talk about here.

One of the main things why players do not always use electronic wallets is additional restrictions. Some casinos in Brazil do not give a bonus if the replenishment of money was made using an electronic wallet. As a result, players who are concerned about bonuses and want to activate a new player Bonus use a regular bank transfer or credit card. It is because of this that these two payment methods remain among the most popular. Another important point is the limits. Making a cash payment or replenishing an account with an electronic wallet is a bit more complicated, as there are higher limits. For example, in order to replenish an account in most casinos in Brazil, the minimum amount is about 3km, while an electronic wallet can reach 10km. In short, the most popular payment methods in Brazil are:

  • Credit Card – MasterCard, Visa
  • Bank transfer – banks operating in Brazil
  • Electronic wallet-Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz

It is important to mention that some casinos in Brazil cooperate with the services provided by «Perlo» terminal and give players the opportunity to replenish their account with cash. Players can do this in supermarkets at a special checkout, where, having paid in cash, they can replenish the account. This payment method only allows you to replenish your account and there will be no possibility to make a payout. Credit cards and bank transfers although they are the most popular payment methods, players usually have to wait about 1-5 business days after making a cash payment using these methods. As a result, this is the biggest drawback of these payment methods.

Gambling in Brazil has been legal for many years, but it requires a certain age. Sports betting in Brazil is legal from 18 years old, and jogos de casino from 21. However, some casinos can see that there is a separate category of casino games, in which games are also available from the age of 18. Another important point is that in Brazil it is legal to play only in Brazilian companies that have a gaming license issued in Brazil. When you play in casinos operating abroad, you become responsible for your actions, since the Gambling Supervision service under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Brazil is not responsible for your actions and those of the casinos that do not have a Brazilian license.

It is important to note that casinos in Brazil adhere to the Prevention of money laundering, because of this, you may have to make a payment using the same payment method used to replenish the account. Such laws are in order for casinos to protect themselves from illegal activities and at the same time protect their players. You may also need to provide proof of your credit card or bank account to make sure it is your bank account. In the same way, after registration, in order to have a fully active account, you will need to confirm your identity with a document showing the same data that you entered during the year of registration.


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