Russian Virtual Number

A virtual number is a phone number served without being tied to the equipment. If your business is focused on the citizens of the Russian Federation, you definitely need a Russian virtual number. It provides an opportunity for employees not to commute to work every day, and for the business owner — to rent and maintain large office space. This is a natural response to the globalization of the market — work anywhere, with anything, anytime.

Virtual numbers have been used before, but in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, their use has become almost an inevitable necessity. Employees do not need to visit the office, and you do not need to worry about their health.

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Reasons to Use Virtual Number

You should consider a virtual number if:

  • your support staff work remotely, including in other countries
  • all work processes are debugged for remote work, and you have no need to rent an office
  • you do not exclude the possibility of moving and want to keep your phone number
  • you want to maintain the loyalty of customers and partners from another country
  • you open an office in some new area and want to be in touch

How Does a Virtual Number Work?

Visually, a Russian virtual phone number is no different from a regular one: it also starts at +7 or 0-800. It uses an Internet connection to communicate, not a PBX. So, you need only a stable Internet connection, and the virtual number is ready to be used!

There are two ways to receive calls to a virtual number:

  1. Special programs

Call centers often run programs to switch between communication channels. With their help, they can configure the status of the operator, record calls, conduct audio conferences with the connection of several participants, etc.

  1. Through forwarding to mobile devices

You can set up a personal account through a virtual number with options to forward calls to several devices with other numbers (not necessarily virtual).

In addition, virtual numbers are often accompanied by useful related services for business. For example:

  • call recording to control the quality of service
  • rational distribution of calls according to the schedule of employees
  • musical accompaniment while waiting
  • redirecting calls according to the caller’s request
  • ordering a call directly from your company’s website (phone widget)
  • free corporate communication

This is not an exhaustive list. Inquire about other telephony services that are right for you.


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