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If you keep Jack, you have a메이저사이트 100% chance of getting an even-money payout. However, there is a possibility that it will be a three-card, and there is a possibility that it will be a full house or a pair.

If you keep a Flash on a three-card, the chance of making a Flash is 1/25. This is a 6-to-1 dividend, so the expected value for that bet is $1 or less. As a natural choice, keep the pair and discard the flush draw.

On the other hand, suppose메이저사이트 you have four Royal Flashcards, and you also have a pair. The probability of breaking the flash and making a royal is about 1/47, but the payoff, if successful, is 800 coins. This is much better than the expected value of $1, so you should break the pair and aim for a royal flush. Even if you win 2% of the money, that payoff is worth more than that.

The game is played in this way, one step at a time, until you run out of money or quit.

Video poker pay table

The paytable is the result of the strength of the hand. Slot machines also have a pay table, but this doesn’t make much sense.

This is an example of video poker’s “Jacks or Better” paytable.

There are a few things that you will notice right away. Most importantly, all hands except the Royal Flash have the same dividend, regardless of how many coins you bet on. The amount of coins you bet on determines the amount you will receive.

However, with Royal Flash, you get 250-1 payouts for all bets except for 5 coins. In that case, you will get 800-to-1 (or 4000 coins) payouts.

This is more or less the way every video poker table works. Jacks or Better is a plain vanilla version of video poker that is the base for all the other games. Still, casinos and manufacturers are focused on changing only two payouts – a full house and a flash – to adjust the payback rate of the game.

The above paytable shows that the full house is paid 9-1, and the flash is paid 6-1. This is considered a “9/6 Jax or Better” game or a “Full Pay” game. The payback rate for the Jack-or-Better game on this paytable is 99.54%.

Many people find a Jacks or Better game that pays out 8-to-1 for full-house games and 5-to-1 for flash games. This is an 8/5 machine, and the payback rate for games like this is much lower than that of full payers, 97.3%.

You’ll also see 7/5 payouts and 6/5 payouts.

The difference between 99.54% payout and 97.3% payout might not sound too big. After all, if you get that grade in college, it means A+ for both scores.

But let’s see how this difference affects the average player’s bottom line.

Multiply the number of bets per hour by the average amount of each bet, and multiply the result by the house edge to calculate the player’s expected loss per hour.

The average video poker player plays 600 hands per hour. (This might seem like a lot, but this game is played faster than you can imagine just reading.) Let’s say you want to play for $5 a hand. That’s $3,000 per hour.

The house edge of the full-pay machine is 0.46%, so the amount you expect to lose in an hour is -0.46% × $3000. That means $13.80 per hour.


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