Should I buy Instagram Auto likes in 2020?

As Instagram is becoming the prime marketing and advertising platform, more and more brands are getting tempted to buy those likes to withstand the competition who has a large following. Instagram Likes, Comments, Follows, etc are all available for sale on the internet market. If some marketing company like BuyTrueFollowers or InternetMarketingRocks provide real likes, you should buy Instagram Auto Likes for marketing and networking purpose.

But is it worth buying the likes on Instagram?

It depends.

After you can potentially lose customers insert To get more likes you can learn how to edit photos. Because bright, interesting photos will attract more users.

If you are an individual and want to increase your number of followers and likes just for fun, then you are free to do so. For that, you may try to view private Instagram profiles to know how they have become so popular.  There are no real consequences of doing it. You can enjoy those inflated numbers of likes and show off to your friends.

But if you are an organization trying to build your business then it is a bad idea. Artificially inflating your likes may look like a positive thing but it is not only a waste of money but also time. You could potentially lose customers.

According to Instagram’s new algorithm, engagement is the metric that decides any account’s popularity. Engagement consists of likes and comments; so, more likes and comments mean more people will see them. So, it seems to be valuable for people who lack the time or skill to build their presence. But in the long term, it wouldn’t be of any help to your business but will harm your business.

Why Buying Likes is a Bad Idea?

When your real followers discover that a lot of your likes and followers aren’t real people, they wouldn’t trust you anymore. You will lose those customers who could have been a value to your business.

Also, just having a lot of likes will not convert into sales. You will need real people to make a sale with you if you want your business to be profitable.

The likes just show your business a little more popular than it actually is and impresses some people to come visit your profile. But you can’t fool them forever. If your likes are significantly higher than your comments on a lot of your posts, users will probably get to know that a lot of those likes are not organic.

Apart from that, Instagram also removes fake likes from your posts from time to time. If your account is found in such an activity, again and again, your account might get banned. Instagram started using artificial intelligence tools to inspect and remove these fake likes. So, think twice (or more) if you want to take the risk of buying likes.

What can be done instead of buying likes?

Instead of relying on inflating the numbers artificially, you should follow a long-term strategy to build your business in an authentic way.

Post content that naturally engages people

Try to post pictures which add value to a user’s Instagram feed. This will make them more likely to follow you. It could be something that educates them about something or just gets them entertained.

Put out more things

Be active on the platform. Try to add interesting captions to your pictures. Mention people that might be interested or related to your post. Tag all your pictures with a location.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are among the best tools to organically increase your visibility on the platform. Use a few hashtags on every picture. Strategically find hashtags that fit your profile and your post but also have lesser competition.

Engage with your followers

Write questions in the caption which will ask followers to reply in the comments. Like their comments. Reply to them as much as you can do. This simple trick gets a lot of engagement.


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