Top 5 free productivity apps for iPad

In today’s modern era, productivity has become an obsession for all of us and there is no denying that it has conquered every sphere of the world. Everyone is striving to make everything productive whether its professional or personal task. We don’t realize how to overcome from all the mess of our daily duties and settle up all important tasks. But, it seems like smart productivity apps for your iPad can organize all the things exactly the way you want.

Productivity is all about to do better and more in less time while keeping the work/life simultaneously balanced. We can also say that great productivity is the result of great time-management, focused mind on priority tasks, well-organized to do lists and so many factors more that help us to achieve the desired productive output.

But frankly speaking, becoming productive in every field is not a cup of tea and even self-discipline and inspiration is not always enough. So, if you are a little confused about how to bring productivity in your life, let us help in this complicated matter and find a new approach to bring productivity in your life. If you have used iPad or iPhone or still using it then you should definitely check out below the Top 5 free productivity apps for iPad that will definitely give you solutions for a worry-free productive life.

Top 5 free productivity apps for iPad


Apple made a great productivity app – iWork for iPhone & iPad, which is Apple’s productivity suite and mobile office. It comprised of Numbers for spreadsheets, Pages for word processing and Keynote for presentations. This amazing app is quite similar to Microsoft office and offers the same features in the iPad suite of apps.

With Pages for word processing, you can easily compose anything without exception from a memo to flyer, a pamphlet to a book, poster to the card, the article to resume and so on. You can easily pick from designed templates or download one from a few online sources and import it. Also, you can add creative pictures, clip arts and more to customize your reports even further.

Numbers for spreadsheets provides an all-in-one solution that helps you easily and quickly plan everything from a savings plan to schedule, checklist to budget, team roster to party plan, invoice to cost projection and more. If you need an eye-catching presentation, then Keynote is here in iWork to make quick & easy presentations for work, school, for pitches, for conferences or for storyboarding or conceptual design of any type.

In short, iWork is one of the best productivity apps for iPhone and iPad and a great alternative of Microsoft Office.


Why should we rely on expensive, cumbersome and bulky hardware when we can easily scan our items with our Smartphone? This is the productive idea behind the New Scannable by Evernote for iOS, a free smart app that brings a plethora of equivalent tools but offers multiple distinct benefits. There are now multiple weightless and portable scanners available in the market, but if you have used iPad and still being the fan of Apple’s gadgets then you need not own portable scanners. Because you can get own scanning devices, simply download the Evernote Scannable App on your iPhone or iPad.

If you have to scan emergency documents from time to time, then you just need to save those documents in high resolution as well. Here, Evernote’s Scannable App automatically captures high-quality documents with quick speed. It saves you time as it automatically rotates, crops and adjusts your documents or images in clear and easy to view format. So, go paperless, just launch Evernote’s Scannable app on your iPad and bring hassle-free productivity in your life.


This is a unique handwriting app which is absolutely free for iPad and iPhone. It’s vivid, lifelike and smooth strokes will provide you the best handwriting experience on iOS like never before.

So, now, if anyone says beautiful calligraphy is not your cup of tea, then show them your creative handwriting by producing it through Use Your Handwriting app. You can easily email your artistic notes to your loved ones along with writing in multiple colors option.

In Use Your Handwriting App, every item in a list can easily become its own sub-list, so you need not worry about the limit of the space for notes and lists that you create on UYH.


Now searching for difficult words is quick and very easy with for iPad. Just like its predecessor for the iPod touch and iPhone, it offers quick access to more than 90,000 synonyms and 1 million definitions. And if you are in search of the right word for your misspelling, this app brings a huge list of equally spelled words that might match with your spellings and can work great for your docs. Along with the right word this app also provides a pronunciation guide as well. Its built-in thesaurus incorporates hyperlinked synonyms, which makes it easier for you to jump to the next words in this iPad app.

Some of the best key features similarly the audio pronunciation guides, spelled words, and the word of the day—all you need just an Internet connection. But, the core feature of this app brings synonyms and look up definition works even when you are offline.

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Come along with millions of creative individuals who have used Photoshop Express in iPad and trust it the most because of its quick, easy and powerful editing features. Try-out this number one app which is full of productivity and helps you quickly create collages, edit and transfer them to your gallery in just a few taps.

Photoshop Express for iPad provides an array of exclusive tools to enhance the quality of your photos and offers a collage tool to help you layout those enhanced photos. It offers you flexibility and control of images varying from color, border size, zoom and, individual pan. You can also use this cool app to give a boost to your iPhone pictures. You just need to use slide bar adjustments and let automatic one-touch fixes to do the rest for you.

Final Thoughts…

You just need to do little extra efforts and you will definitely achieve more. We hope the above listed Top 5 free productivity apps for iPad will help you in smoothly work on this mission. By using these useful apps for iPad, you will achieve a simplified life in all aspects, whether its work life or personal, everything will be sorted, you will finally become a productivity expert on your own.

Which app do you like the most and why? Do let us know in the comments below.

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