Womens’ Luxury-Label Designer Kicks That Look as Good as They Feel

Women are trading in their high heels for sneakers. Thanks to changing fashion trends, high heel sales dropped 11% last year. While at the same time women’s sneaker sales rose by a staggering 37%. Have you taken part in this trend to embrace both style and comfort? If not, there’s no better time than the present to get your own pair of designer kicks.

Check out these designer label sneakers for the very best in fashion and comfort for your feet.

Balenciaga Triple S

Remember those classic 80’s sneakers with the thick sole and bold coloring? Well, Balenciaga captures that aesthetic perfectly and gives it a whole new modern twist.

These shoes will keep your feet comfy and happy as you run across the city. They also come in bright, bold colors. Check out the grey/blue/red or yellow/grey/black combo.

Gucci Rython Sneaker

Rock the classic dad sneaker style with these all-white Gucci sneakers. The thick sole will cushion every step and provide optimal arch support.

But check these shoes out at Gucci at SSENSE because they are more than just your average plain white sneaker.

You can go for the classic Gucci detailing with red and green striping on the side with the logo in the center of the stripe. Or for a bolder look, opt for the sneaker with the Gucci coloring in large blocks on the side of the sneaker.

If branding coloring isn’t your thing, get funky with the rainbow-colored «Gucci» or the bold red mouth with a snake tongue lashing out across the shoe.

Versace Chain Reaction Sneaker

Versace takes the thick sole trend to a whole new level with the Chain Reaction Sneaker. Your feet will feel like you’re walking on clouds when you slip these chunky sneakers on your feet. They get their name from the chain-like look of the side of the sole.

They come in a great selection of designs that are sure to entice ant woman. Check out the tropical floral, jungle, or Barocco prints.

Fendi Mania Sneakers

These Fendi sneakers feature a bold sole with extra air cushioning in the heel for increased comfort. The design is more simplistic, with the shoes being either white or black.

Then the Fendi logo is emblazoned across one toe and the outside of both shoes.

Christian Louboutin Viera Spikes Sneakers

Did you know the designer that brought you those famous red bottoms also crafts some gorgeous sneakers? There’s a touch of elegance to these sneakers with their all-white motif.

To give them a bit of edge, metal spikes are covering the toe shell. Then there are mesh panels on the side.

If you aren’t crazy about white, you’ve got options. These statement sneakers come in metallic gold or silver, and a multi-color design.

Get Your Own Designer Kicks

So which pair of designer kicks are you ready to rock? Each offers both style and comfort. If you’re unsure, start with a designer label you’re already familiar with. This will help you narrow down your options to an aesthetic you already like.

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